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Collaboration Contract

Collaboration Contract

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We have heard the frustrations of small business owners who have sent their products to a influencer or brand rep and then NOTHING. They have your product and you never hear from them again. Even though they agreed to a few posts or stories!!! Sound familiar? 

That being said 9 times out of 10 they are incredible but it is hard for a small business to cop that expense on the chin if it doesn't work out as planned. 

In 2019, this was our most asked question! What can I do if I send them product, they ignore my messages and didn't send photos or promote my product? 

Nothing! There is ZERO you can do, UNLESS you have a legal binding contract between both parties. But no small business can afford the lawyers fee in this right? 

The document will be sent to you in a Microsoft Word format for you to manually enter your details for each contract you need to send. 


The Process aka What's Next

You will receive an instant download as soon as you checkout and it will be sent via email. This will give you access to your learning portal where your contract template is stored for safe keeping and easy access!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Clio Austin
Collab Contract

Love this! Great tool and such a reasonable price. This tool has saved me hundreds of dollars in getting legal advice. Easy to edit and versatile.

Neha Jain
Made me look professional

This contract is so handy and good.
I have no knowledge of contracts or collaborators and how it works.
This contract has everything! Its a simple template and everything is already written. Just tweak it to your liking and you are good to go. This contract has stuff you never even knew you needed!! Makes me look so professional and on top of my game whereas in my head I'm like Thank you Em Thank you Thank you.
If you are thinking of an influencer, collaborator or brand rep and have no idea how to get an agreement down on paper so you can get what you want out of that deal, then def go for this.

Nat Horak
So so handy!

So grateful for SociallyEm and all of the products they offer - this contract is everything you need for setting up collaborations. I am new to this world and have been stung before without using a contract so its great to cover all basis and protect your brand.


This is my go to for all collaborations. Easy to use, everything that you need is there, its a 10/10 from me - Highly recommended

Naomi - Our Gypsy Collection
Amazing as usual!

I am so grateful for Em, all of the knowledge she provides and the constant support is amazing. She listens to what people need and creates something amazing out of it. We love you — Our Gypsy Collection