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Your Ideal Customer Workbook

Your Ideal Customer Workbook

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Do you really know who you are selling to? 
Understanding your ideal customer is the starting point for all of your marketing material, whether that be your social media, EDM or even your website copy. It is the first step in creating a successful business!

Your ideal customer needs to be much more specific than "anyone with kids" or some other generic answer! 
Our Ideal Customer Workbook helps you understand your audience, from their demographics to their motivation, fears and other factors that may influence their buying behaviour. 

A comprehensive, step by step guide to help you understand your niche target audience and create your customer avatar. 

Download a replay of our powerhour zoom session covering all things ideal customer here


This workbook is designed for business owners, content creators, influencers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

It will help you:
- Clearly determine your target audience
- Create a customer avatar
- Find and connect with your ideal customer
- Create consistent messaging 
- Target your product/services to your customers individual needs


An instantly downloadable PDF with over 20 pages to:
- Determine your customer demographics & psychographics
- Deep dive into your customers motivators and fears
- Understand your customers pain points 
- Create your ideal customer avatar 
- Level up in your brand development!

How are you still here? Get your copy now girl!

The Process aka What's Next

You will receive an instant download as soon as you checkout and it will be sent via email. This will give you access to your learning portal where your templates are stored for safe keeping and easy access!

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Customer Reviews

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Sandra Younes
Very Helpful Starting Point

This workbook helped me rethink about who I want to target my content to.
I launched last year and I only just did this.
Look forward to more mini workbooks. I think this was great! Thank you