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UGC - content creator search

UGC - content creator search

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Unlock the power of User Generated Content (UGC) with our content creator search!

We know how hard you have to fight to get your brand noticed online and just how fierce the competition can be! Let us help you amplify your brand by connecting you with up to 10 UGC Content Creators that will help you stand out from the crowd.

People trust other people! So, UGC is the modern-day word of mouth, and it is damn powerful!
Whilst larger paid influencers still have a position in the market, they sure don’t sell your product like they used to!
These days, your customers will likely resonate more with an ‘everyday person’ that SHOWS your product in everyday/realistic use. In fact, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to believe user-generated content over “brand-made stuff”. 

Seeing regular people rocking your product makes others want to get in on the action too. It's like social proof that your stuff is worth it. So, it’s time to showcase that authentic content - and we can take the hard work out of sourcing it for you!

And the best part? UGC won't break the bank like the big influencer marketing budget does! We recommend a minimum $100 product value per content creator, however, a cash portion definitely sweetens the deal!

Not only will the content creator post to their socials for some extra brand awareness, you can use the content on your socials, website, and email marketing too! It is designed to be multi-purpose and from a realistic point of view.

How does it work: 

We will put together a search including graphic and caption that we will promote in our content creator community which will help you with exposing your brand and gaining some new followers. 

We will send you a shortlist of up to 10 creators and then liaise back and forth with them to get an agreement in place and send through their addresses and info for you to send the product out. 

Included in this service is a legal binding contract with a one month term, we will have this signed by your creators when setting up the collaboration. 9 times out of 10 creators are AMAZING! But we recommend having a legal contract in place to protect your outlay in product/fees you have paid. Included in your purchase is an editable template contract which can be sent directly to team members.

In terms of the collaboration we recommend: 

  • Product a minimum of $100 
  • A cash portion MAY be needed and will influence their decision on applying for the role.  (the higher the budget here the better creators you are going to get). 

In exchange for 

- A 1-month term: 

- 2x story sets (3 - 4 15 second frames per set, with the creator talking to camera)

- 1x feed post (static photo or reel - your choice!)

- 5 to 10 images and videos/raw content

Please allow a 30 business day turnaround time***

Please note, we cannot guarantee people will apply.

If you do not want to work with any of the accounts that applied through the search, we can do a manual scout for content creators for you (this will incur an additional fee of $150).

The Process aka What's Next

♡ Once you purchase, our team will send you a questionnaire within 2 business days that tells us a little more about your business and how we can best assist you!

♡ Once you return your completed questionnaire, along with any additional information required, your turnaround time listed above commences

♡ The team will be in touch with you if we have any further questions

Otherwise, sit tight and your completed service will be in your inbox soon ♡

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