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Insta Theme Overhaul

Insta Theme Overhaul

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Are you feeling like your Instagram feed is a bit meh- as though it's missing something?

Did you know within the first 5 seconds of someone clicking onto your page, the viewer has already made up their mind about whether they want to follow you?

An Instagram feed page needs to scream your brand with a cohesive theme and layout 

Posting images because you feel you have to post can end up creating a messy feed that isn’t easy on the eye to navigate, making the viewer confused as to who you are and what you do. Ideally, you need to keep your viewer wanting more to encourage them to scroll past the first 6 images they instantly see and likely become a potential follower. 

Your bio needs to be; clear and precise whilst showing a little creativity.


This is what sells your products or services.


  • A fresh feed theme mood board with recommendations for you to implement by allowing you to visually see the potential your feed can have. 
  • A shiny new custom bio. 
  • A branded quote tile in an editable template for continued use. 
  • Branding guideline for your new theme. 

Add on: Instagram highlight covers are an optional extra at only $15 each. - Please see separate listing. 

Please note the standard turnaround time frame for this service is 14 business days.

The Process aka What's Next

♡ Once you purchase, our team will send you a questionnaire within 2 business days that tells us a little more about your business and how we can best assist you!

♡ Once you return your completed questionnaire, along with any additional information required, your turnaround time listed above commences

♡ The team will be in touch with you if we have any further questions

Otherwise, sit tight and your completed service will be in your inbox soon ♡

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Extremely happy, great value

I’m beyond happy to leave a 5 star review for this service. Not only did they provide a nicer looking feed, but they also broke down what I should be showcasing in each post and why, as well as graphic posts to use. Our feed is already looking better and I feel so much more confident in knowing what to post, when, and why, and being able to create this in advance is super helpful. I’ve worked with other companies before who never really understood our business so I’m extremely grateful that MAXX marketing and the team behind our overhaul really understood who we are.

Justine Ford
Mahalo Boutique / Insta Theme overhaul

Hi there, unfortunately I haven’t had a good look at it yet after having to pop it on hold due to moving but I would like to speak to someone soon about going the next step in helping implement the changes for me please?

Regards, Justine Ford
Mahalo Boutique

Kerrilee Kerrilee
Insta Theme Overhaul

Ashleigh was great to work with! Very thorough, got back to me with an overhaul within the time frame noted. I applied the recommendations immediately and felt there was nothing really I needed to change as it was completely on brand.

Nadia Neil
Brand overhaul

Loved the new vision the team at socially Em created for my Instagram & the extra tips, tricks to help better my brand.
Would highly recommend doing this for your business to help make it stand out.

Mauli Franciscus
The best thing I did for my business!

I started my side hussle and was completely new to instagram (didn't post much on my personal page either). The brand overhaul was seriously the best thing I did! It took my page from looking like a new starter to professional! I get comments on it all the time and now I have a theme to work with. It gave me guidance as well as some tips of the trade 😉.