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Power Hour All Access Pass

Power Hour All Access Pass

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We get that sometimes it can feel lonely being a small business owner. Which is why we have put together our infamous zoom sessions into 'epic power hours' covering your burning questions and topics as a collective group. An opportunity to work closely with Em and the Team at a fraction of the cost!
Each session will also include a 15-20 minute Q&A session with Em & the team.

So grab your wine or hot cup of tea and join us for Em's Power Hour!

SAVE $70+ with the all access pass


How to find your hashtags 

  • How to create your personalised hashtag strategy
  • How to find hashtags related to your niche
  • When and where to use hashtags
  • Why your hashtags might not be performing

How to batch create content 

  • Plan your social media content without the stress 
  • Map out your business marketing plan for 1 month
  • Demonstration of our NEW content planner to map out our client's social media strategy

Content pillars 

  • Learn about your 3 content pillars 
  • How to write captions with ease
  • How to create captions that convert to engagement and sales 
  • How to add a personal element to your content 

Finding your ideal customer 

  • Finding your ideal customer across different social media platforms
  • Influencer marketing 
  • How to nurture your ideal customer + give value!

Website Basics 

  • Nailing your first impression
  • How to service your customer journey
  • Ways to convert visitors to an email subscriber

How to start with Reels 

  • Easy transitions
  • How to choose your music
  • Content ideas to implement in your Reels
  • Recommended apps

EDM Fundamentals

  • Learn the value of email marketing 
  • How to generate Leads
  • Email Health Checklist - no-one wants to end up in spam right?

Building a Launch Plan

  • How to nail your launch plan
  • What is the difference between prelaunch and launch
  • The Sociallyem strategy to building that hype for a successful launch.

Pinterest 101

  • How to develop a Pinterest strategy
  • Why you should be using Pinterest
  • How to convert pins to traffic to your website

Getting started with FB Ad's

  • Top of Funnel vs Bottom of Funnel
  • When to Start Facebook Ads
  • Setting up your FB Pixel
  • Retarget your existing audience

The Process aka What's Next

You will receive an instant download as soon as you checkout and it will be sent via email. This will give you access to your learning portal where your e-learning vidoes are stored for safe keeping and easy access!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Chelsea Robins
Highly recommend Email Direct Marketing Fundamentals Power Hour

I’m so glad I purchased this course.. So many tips and tricks I’ve gained as a small business!! Thank you

So Helpful!

While I wasn't able to join the zoom sessions I have loved watching them back! The tips and information she has shared will definitely help with both current and future business endeavours. Thank you Socially EM!


I could only attend two of Em's sessions but I'm so grateful that the replays are available to purchase. These sessions are fantastic. Clear, informative and packed with so many tips and tricks. Thanks Socially Em!

Lyndel Heagney

As always Em is a wealth of knowledge. I learnt so much from both power hours and can’t wait for more in the future.. even better I can go back and re watch it over and over again

Alicja Lawler
Reels power hour

This power hour was hugely beneficial! There was so much value squeezed into that hour and having it on zoom and able to access later was really helpful to go back over things.