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Custom Wholesale Look Book

Custom Wholesale Look Book

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You have a banging product and you're looking at the best way to take that product to market, or maybe you're already be selling it and are now planning for growth. That's where wholesale can come in but where do you start? How do you show off your business and your product in a way that makes stores WANT it in their store?

A look book! This is a crucial part of wholesale, it helps you showcase all the products you offer in a professional way. It's purpose is to sell your products, tell your story and help build a relationship with a retailer. But ultimately, the goal is to sell and it is important to build your catalogue with the retailer in mind.

we'll create a KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF look book to set you up for ultimate wholesale success. It will include:

  • Introduction to your brand
  • Simple, yet aesthetically pleasing design that allows your products to stand out
  • Contact information
  • An order form or let them know HOW to order
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Product information and pricing.

Choose from 2-7 pages or 8-14 pages depending on how much information and how many products you have to include.

Please allow a turnaround time of 14 business days**

The Process aka What's Next

♡ Once you purchase, our team will send you a questionnaire within 2 business days that tells us a little more about your business and how we can best assist you!

♡ Once you return your completed questionnaire, along with any additional information required, your turnaround time listed above commences

♡ The team will be in touch with you if we have any further questions

Otherwise, sit tight and your completed service will be in your inbox soon ♡

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